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In the summer of 1978 my maternal grandmother, Dorothy Jukes (nee Hawker), was admitted to hospital to undergo treatment for bowel cancer. She was operated on twice and after the second operation was not expected to last out the night. However, after some weeks, she had recovered sufficiently to go home. Unfortunately, in late 1979 she had a relapse and died in February 1980, aged 76.

During the period that she was at home after the operations, it occurred to me that all the knowledge she had of the family would have been lost had she not recovered. I therefore set out to document (interrogate ‑ her word!) as much as she knew and follow this up using whatever sources I could.

Thus started my interest in genealogy and now, many years later, I have decided that I should collate and somehow publish all I have found out, for anyone who may be interested. Although personal by its very nature I hope it will be of wider interest and maybe of use to future generations.

On the following pages then are some of the facts and stories that she told me coupled with relevant family trees and census details.

My father had started researching his family (Robinson/Campbell) years before and always said he'd continue it when he'd retired. Naturally, like so many good ideas, this never happened. I later took on the project and combined both sides into one tree.

The information appearing on this site is a small proportion of the total amount I have collected over the years. Sources, documents, certificates etc have not been presented but are available if anyone should want more detailed information.

I have also been researching other, unrelated, families, and for the benefit of their members have provided links to their trees on the right hand side of this page.


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