Last Edited: 11/01/2009


During research into our Jukes family, I collected information on other Jukes families. The idea was to eventually join them all together, plotting their origins and migrations and, more importantly, help me get around a dead-end I'd reached!

The Jukes name also has centres in Stafford and other Midlands areas, and a few in the Newcastle area. I have concentrated on the Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset & Isle of Wight counties. It would appear that all roads lead back to the Northwest Dorset/Southwest Wiltshire area. This is centred around the Mere, East Knoyle, Gillingham triangle.

I have listed nine families so far:

1. One of my Grandfather's stories was that we had connections with a building company called A E Jukes & Sons from Southampton. I investigated this family and so far cannot find any connection. They are however very interesting.

2. During the above research I came across another family in Southampton and have since spoken to a few of its descendents.

3. A family which at one time lived in Andover (where I currently live). I have not yet done a lot of research on them.

4. Whilst looking for a Henry Jukes of my family (b.1844) I used the Birth, Marriage, Death index and found only one, born in Dinton. So I went to Trowbridge (Wiltshire County Record Office) and spent the day logging many, many Jukes. Unfortunately, towards the end of the day I realised that although my Henry was married in 1865, this one was still unmarried, living at home in 1871! However, I have been in contact with members of this family, who now live in Canada & the USA, and have been able to help them go back three further generations.

5. I came across a family which lived in Tisbury, Wiltshire for a long while. I contacted a living member of this family who filled in some modern details. Usefully, this family originates in East Knoyle.

6. There is a concentration of Jukes in Kent around Maidstone. Whilst I believe that they are not connected with any of the above families, they are interesting in their own right. During the 19th century a Jukes family lived in the same area, the father being born in East Knoyle, Wiltshire. Probably a coincidence.

7. One of my Grandfather's stories was that his Uncle Walter had survived the Titanic disaster. This was not true. However, I did discover a James Jukes was employed on the ship and was killed. I've traced his family back to Bourton and I believe members of his family are still living in the Southampton area. There is also a memorial to him in a local folk museum in Southampton.

8. I've had a lot of information for a long time about a branch of the Jukes family which lived around East Knoyle in Wiltshire. I've recently contacted a member of this family and have now added that branch to this list. They have always been a large group which I've never totally understood. Perhaps now I'll be able to document them properly. Please note: The oldest two generation links have not yet been confirmed.

9. Another family from East Knoyle which I've recently been able to add to. Forgive the duplication of text on the button - it's under construction!

10. A relatively small family group from Mere which seemed to die out as Jukes because each family produced female lines, further research is required.

11. So far a few generations from Gillingham, Dorset ending in Wilton, Wiltshire.