Last Edited: 20/01/2008


I've recently collected a lot of information about other Robinson families which seem to originate in the same area as ours on the Oxford/Gloucester border ie Great Barrington, Burford etc.

Unlike the Jukes families I am researching, I'm sure these other Robinsons are related to us and not too much further back. However, as yet I am unable to prove this connection and so will document them as separate until such time as I can join them up.

I have listed two families so far:

1. This family was living in Great Barrington at the same time as our family were in Little Barrington. I have been in contact with descendants of this family and hope to take it back further. A lot of them emigrated to the United States during the latter half of the 19th century. Please note: generations before Abel Robinson have come from an UNSUBSTANTIATED source and are presented for discussion only!

2. This is another small family group from Great Barrington. They probably join on to the above but this has yet to be proved. They appear to have spread to many places including Solihull, Cirencester, with one branch remaining in Little Barrington until at least 1901.